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Randy Greif

Randy Greif's industrial-strength surrealism has been swirling up and down the coast of California for nearly two decades. Part radio-drama serials gone mad with their digitized sonic turbulence, part pathological digressions into the phenomenon of the human voice, Greif's albums are hallucinatory works of "sound theater."

Greif also has a knack for reinterpreting antiquated themes, such as his six-hour epic remake of Alice In Wonderland. For Verdi's Requiem, his fictional abstraction of the life and times of the composer Giusseppe Verdi, Greif approached his subject matter with very little working knowledge of Verdi's life or musical output. Instead, he tossed a few historical misappropriations, a handful of deconstructed calliope melodies, and some of his digitized vocal cut-ups into an abyss of sonic fiction. "Rusted Sorrow of the Old Crane" is an example of the results.

After listening to that, check out Greif's work as Shadowbug 4.