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The Ramparts are New Orleans' very own all-star surf rockstravaganza. Sweet and carefree, they offer up a musical stroll through a peacefully crowded family beach where the sun is shining, the waves are plentiful, and the soda pop is nicely chilled. If you concentrate and breathe in deep enough, you can almost smell the ocean.

This is a happy-go-lucky optimistic take on pop surf and roll. Most of the Ramparts' songs are instrumentals, but bassist Christine Andre provides vocals on gems like the band's cover of "Playmate," the grade school classic you forgot you had memorized. The fifties-flavored, sweet-tempered instrumental "Tara," featured here, is one of four songs that the Ramparts contributed to the N.O.-Fi compilation, a live documentation of New Orleans surf, garage, and punk music recorded at the Mermaid Lounge.

Guitarist Art Boonparn, the most-loved indie rocker in New Orleans, is in several other bands, including Darkest Hours, Hotchkiss, and GDA.