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Rah Bras

Rah Bras. Who are they? What are they doing? What the hell is going on? Straying far, far away from the group's members' previous work in Sleepytime Trio, Damn Near Red, Men's Recovery Project, and Hose Got Cable, the Rah Bras make rock music radically divergent from the traditional guitar/bass/drums form. Employing some heavy-duty haunted house synths, a booming bass, and clattering paranoia-inducing percussion, along with some really twisted vocals, The Rah Bras make what could be called manic gothic cabaret-punk. Except that calling it something like that doesn't even come close to doing this intensely weird music justice. One thing's for sure: there's nothing subtle about this.

After a pair of EPs, Concentrate to Listen... (Lovitt) and Wear the Beat Spectacular (Vermiform), which offered tantalizing glimpses into these three weirdos' gloriously damaged world, The Rah Bras' returned in 2001 with a full-length offering of their throbbing, theatrical, wine- and blood-stained fare entitled Ruy Blas!

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