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Radio Mundial

Formerly Alma Latina, Radio Mundial - which translates as "World Radio" - was founded by vocalist/guitarist Jean Shepherd and techno-house DJ/producer Alexi Delano (ADNY). Following a few successful house singles on mysterious underground house imprint Cornershots, Puerto Rican-cum-Peruvian Shephard and Chilean-cum-Swede Delano decided to go the whole hog and form a full live band. Enter Jean's enigmatic brother Richard on lead guitar, Celer Linares on bass, Gerldo Flores on congas, John Uman on Timbales, Andy Cenisi on drums, and the full Radio Mundial experience was born. The band soon began playing its modern Latin-inspired funk to packed stages in and around New York, quickly building a loyal following of devoted fans. The band caught the eye of fledgling New York imprint RX Records, who promptly signed them to their burgeoning roster of up-and-coming artists. Hot, sticky, and soulful, Radio Mundial is the sonic equivalent of a New York summer.

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