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Southern California's Radar takes pride in putting together avant-garde experiments both live and in the studio. The group's live performances incorporate art and media to help display their political narratives. The trio takes a unique array of instruments, including synthesizers, organs, sequencers, percussions, harmonica, trombone, banjo, and drums, to create compositions fit for surrealist film scores. Building improvisations into swelling pieces, Radar takes arrangements and ideas similar to Godspeed You Black Emperor! and Mogwai and place them beside a blend of '80s Brian Eno-style keyboards and West Coast emotional post-punk aesthetics. Elements of middle-era Pink Floyd and Can also twist the mind up. Offered here is a track from their 2002 debut self-titled CD, released by Dim Mak in the spring of 2002. The group spent three years composing the album, stepping back to rethink their direction during the process.

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