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While Indianapolis rarely produces underground music, Racebannon is on a quest to represent the state of Indiana with glorious noise and chaos. Speaking of quests, they took the name Racebannon from one of the characters on the cartoon Johnny Quest. The band might also have been inspired by The Jesus Lizard's David Yow's old band Scratch Acid. With their layers of noise over a foundation of chaotic punk and belligerent ranting, Racebannon they might be Midwest's answer to Antioch Arrow.

Indiana's own Secretly Canadian Records released Racebannon's second album In The Grips of Light at the beginning of 2002. The album was recorded by Lincoln, Nebraska-based Mike Mogis, who has worked with many of the Saddle Creek groups the kids love so much, including The Faint, Bright Eyes, and Cursive. Mogis has recorded his most aggressive album to date; the band even slipped a Captain Beefheart song onto the record.

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