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Quix*o*tic delivers reverbed spooky folk songs with haunting vocals that conjur up pop ghosts from the '50s and sound like they were recorded at midnight in the middle of the West Coast redwoods. The sound sometimes recalls another eclectic and spooky group that uses lots of reverb insists on asterisks in their name, the The Rock*A*Teens. Quix*o*tic fits well into the stylistic framework of the Northwestern indie pop represented by labels like K and Kill Rock Stars, but the trio's lineage can be traced to deep within the DC punk scene. Quix*o*tic vocalist, guitarist, and drummer Christina Bilotte first played in the short-lived 1991 Dischord band Autoclave with ex-Helium leader and current solo artist Mary Timony. Christina's next band Slant 6 also released albums on Dischord and was important in forging DC's contribution to the riot grrrl revolution of the early to mid '90s. Slant 6's later girl/ghoul side on their last album Inzombia carried over quite a bit into the sound of Quix*o*tic, especially on the group's second album Mortal Mirror, released by Kill Rock Stars.

Mick Barr's contributions to this group on bass and drums have absolutely nothing to do with his own reputable former project Orthrelm whose lightning fast metal riffs were squeezed into much space as possible -- though his past involvements might have had something to do with the choice of the Black Sabbath song "Lord of this World" for Mortal Mirror. Gentler and more playful than any of the musicians' past musical undertakings, Quix*o*tic sounds like Etta James if she were a junior at Evergreen College in Olympia.

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