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If you're going to be so bold as to name your band after the first novel ever, you'd better have some top-drawer product to back it up. Fortunately, this fine trio from Kalamazoo, MI has plenty to offer, in the form of tight emo anthems as jagged as a hand full of chewed-up fingernails. Now emo is as emo does, but if that's your bag, you'll find few practitioners of said genre more accomplished than Quixote. They're all about slashing, trebly guitars, dense, stuttery rhythms, and raspy vocals that go from nervous paranoia to full-on screamy aggression.

Since forming in 1997, Quixote -- comprised of singer/guitarist Tony Uminn, drummer Mike Gard, and bassist Joel Wick -- have been hitting the Midwest emo/hardcore touring circuit hard and issuing scads of releases. The trio's recorded efforts (all on Makoto) include A Force, a split single with The Trans Megetti, a self-titled record which features "The Wolf," and most recently, the explosive Protests of the Weak, which features "Childhood Superhero."