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Mr. Quintron wants you to get in touch with your inner groove. At first, songs about dungeon masters, ghosts, and cavemen might make Quintron seem like a funkified Atom and His Package. Indeed there are many similarities between the two, most notably the rabidity of their fans, but while Atom is always winking at his audience, Quintron is too busy hammering his organ and rocking the paint off the walls to let on that he's anything less than a Serious Performer. Creepy, sassy, and fuzzarrific, Mr. Quintron makes dance music for cursed and haunted discotheques, disembodied booty shakers, and down-and-dirty indie grinders. Only in New Orleans could someone this weirdly sexy burst forth in full stereophonic splendor.

On 1998's These Hands of Mine (a co-release on Skin Graft Records and Quintron's own Rhinestone Records), the enigmatically sassy Miss Pussycat joins the charismatic Quintron, layering her feline growls and snappy beats over his wavering organ chords. "Grandfather Time," the featured song from that record, begins as an ominous dirge before breaking into a frenzied dance hall rattler.

The new millennium brought with it a host of new and deranged Quintron treats, including a re-release of Mr. Q's clatterous 1994 album, I.F. 001-011, on Bulb Records and a Bulb/Rhinestone release entitled The Unmasked Organ Light-Year of Infinity Man. But nothing could have prepared us for the momentous introduction of the strange and wonderful Drum Buddy, via Q's fledgling Qelectronics concern, in conjunction with Skin Graft Recordings. The Drum Buddy is an amazing new analog electronic instrument, designed, of course, by Mr. Quintron himself. On "Intro," Mr. Q. describes the machinations of this peculiar device in considerable detail, so be sure to check it out (for more on the Drum Buddy, go here). "Intro" documents only one of Quintron's many adventures with the Drum Buddy, all of which are chronicled on his 2001 release, Drum Buddy Demonstration Record, Vol. 1.

You can never be sure what a date with Quintron will have in store for you, but you can be sure it'll be wild -- so get your groove shoes on, baby.