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Psalm One

Psalm One is a Chicago-born musician signed to Rhymesayers Entertainment.  A former Chemist, she has been making music the right way since 2002. She's been writing since she could hold a utensil. Boasting a prideful, soulful and vulnerable style, she takes a multi-faceted, ultra-cultural approach to songwriting. She plays the drums, reads music, and she loves singing punk songs in the shower. Her mother is a journalist. She's lived in Minneapolis, San Francisco, New York and rural Illinois. Chicago is her home.

The music chimes and flashes with blues, jazz and pop influences. She once won 1st place in her grammar school Science Fair. She once wore a lab coat to a performance because she had no time to change. Someone said she beat Lauryn Hill in a battle. She makes a mean bowl of Macaroni and Cheese, that's for sureā€¦

Critically claimed, criminally slept on and superbly talented, Psalm is a legend in the making. Heralded by some, intimidating to others, incredible to hug. Rhymesayers Entertainment showed remarkable taste and intelligence and signed her to a multi-album deal in 2006. Her first commercial offering, "The Death of Frequent Flyer" is a quirky, poised and colorful gumbo cooked up and served as an introduction to the potential of a true emcee. She is an emcee who knows that it's bigger than emceeing. She offers food for thought effortlessly, and that's something few can claim.

Her chameleon flow has been shared with legendary folks from the Hieroglyphics camp, to the Rhymesayers camp, to NYC and back. Her touring stripes are evident,; her craft is ever-polished. A self-proclaimed "Woman at Work", she has recently been giving away lots of stellar, FREE music to her fans, preparing them for the next full-length offering. We can't wait. Enjoy her today.

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