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Printed Circuit

Printed Circuit, AKA Claire Broadley of Leeds, England, makes electronic pop tracks that lilt and scintillate with robotic rhythms and synthetic timbres. Broadley discovered the pleasures of computer noises early in the 1980s, soon developing a taste for the immensely popular synth-pop of the era. These early influences have come together into mature electro tracks with catchy melodies comprised with the familiar bleeps from her home computer's sonic vocabulary.

Broadley has recorded for the likes of Elefant, Jonathan Whiskey, Irritant (London's official home of the electronically insane), and most recently the well respected 555 and Tigerbeat6 labels. As Printed Circuit, Broadley has dropped tracks on close to a dozen compilations, collaborated with I Am Robot And Proud, Figurine, and Fingernail, and recently opened for the likes of Le Tigre and Cex in her hometown of Leeds. In 2001 she issued Reprints, a remix album that included contributions from artists like Random Numbers, Lesser, Frederik Schikowski, CK Dexter Haven, and Ladybug Transistor.

Broadley's debut album The Adventure Game appears in 2002 on Catmobile. In the works is a 10-inch for Monika (the Berlin label run by punk legend Gudron Gut) which will feature collaborations with Frederick Schikowski and Cex. So if you haven't heard Printed Circuit yet, it's time to start investigating.

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