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The rolling landscape of the Australian outback and the roiling music scene of Los Angeles meet in the civilized sounds of Life In Volcanoes, the Nettwerk Records debut from Povi. Named after a Native American word for flower, Povi is the result of a collaboration between two distinctly inspired sources: expressive Australian vocalist Cristina Calero and Los Angeles-based producer/musician Carmen Rizzo. Life in Volcanoes was developed extemporaneously by Rizzo and Calero, but together they had the same goal: to allow a "complete album" to develop organically through collaboration and experimentation.

Rizzo recruited musicians he refers to as "family" for the band - keyboard player Jamie Muhoberac, guitarist/bassist Chris Bruce and guitarist Joel Shearer -- who together produced languid, exotic grooves with a hypnotic dub texture, punctuated by Calero's alluring, ethereal vocals. It's music that insinuates itself into space like smoke, enveloping you in its seductive haze. "I wanted a very vibe-y sound," Rizzo explains. "In the last few years I had become interested in blending the new textures of electronic music with more familiar sounds of acoustic instruments. As Cristina and I got to know each other better, this multilayered sound deepened and expanded, and by the end she had added a storytelling element that became a third key ingredient."

Calero's lyrics breathe life into Life in Volcanoes' subtle power; they were mostly inspired by her first visit to Los Angeles. As she grew to understand the unique dynamics of L.A., Calero created lyrics that "reflect the tension I was feeling between the fulfilment of realizing a musical dream and the stress of working in a strange concrete city so far from my friends, my family, and the natural beauty of my home in Queensland." The song "Dragonflies" is about "needing the same things, even though you are in a new place," says Calero. "It's also about falling in love."

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