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In 1995 Polara dazzled everyone with the tremulous noise pop of their debut album. Because it was the heyday of the alternative rock explosion, Polara enjoyed a major label bidding war that landed them a lucrative contract with Interscope Records. The band released two albums (C'est La Vie and Formless/Functional) that fared well on the college charts and developed a core audience, but they never became a huge band. Alternative rock sales were dissipating by the time these albums were released and Interscope lost interest in making the group successful. Luckily, frontman Ed Ackerson and the rest of group had used their financial success to build a studio and start the record label/multimedia cooperative Susstones. With their new independence, Polara can continue to release good pop albums on their own terms and experiment with other mediums like video and animation. 2002's Jetpack Blue is their first Susstones release. Ackerson continues to produce music for other artists in his Flowers Studio.

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