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Planet Asia

With one EP, Planet Asia established himself as one of the more noteworthy West Coast rappers. Entitled simply Planet Asia EP, it was more of a mini-LP, a collection of standout material not quite big enough for a whole album, rather than a single and B-side puffed up with wack remixes, useless acapellas, and other filler. Planet Asia EP was an instant classic. For a while in late '98, one simply could not go out to a West Coast hip hop club without hearing "Moonlight Melodic Rush."

With this new 12-inch on Certified (produced by the Architect), Planet Asia is poised to become the premier West Coast rapper. His trademark syncopated mind-opening flow rides the chunky frontier-roaming funk of Architect's beats like the Lone Ranger rides Silver. "Callin' The Shots" is sure to keep heads bobbing till Planet's anticipated full-length, Life As It Is, drops. If this just ain't enough for you, check out his recent EP with Fanatik and of course, the joints with fellow Cali artists Agent Rasco, Sophisticated Mic Pros, and Blood Brothers, on Rasco's EP The Birth.