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Plane is Michael McDonald, a young man who was born and raised in Chalmette, Louisiana, and studied to be a recording engineer in California. McDonald's contribution to the world of electronic music began when he purchased a Boss DR-5 drum machine from a friend. After returning to Chalmette after school and securing both a full-time job and an Akai MPC 2000 sampler, McDonald settled in to apply his education to his muse. His inspiration to explore electronic instrumentation came from a bar fight that was started by his band Spackle (he was the bassist) at a local club after they lost a band competition.

Judging by the aggressive, lockstep pound and the frenzied, swirling loops in the opening of "Fade," some of that rage is still with McDonald, as he lurks in his studio and infuses his work with raw energy. Plane serves up a slow-rocking, pelvic-thrusting hip hop groove that has been simmered in a large cauldron for 36 hours with a liberal dose of Tabasco or Crystal Hot Sauce. This standout track is Plane's first outing from the Tar Media compilation Tar Baby presents vENT 0004: a drum and bass document.

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