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Pinhead Gunpowder

Pinhead Gunpowder is a Berkeley punk band made up of four guys better known for their other projects, who just enjoy playing together. They are: chief instigator and drummer Aaron Cometbus (creator of the notorious Cometbus fanzine and member of Crimpshrine), guitarist/vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong (better known as frontman for a rather famous band called Green Day), guitarist Mike Kersh (also the frontman for Fuel), and bassist Bill Schnieder (also of Monsula. Cometbus rounded up the other band members in early '91 after returning from a miserable experience trying to put a band together up north in Arcata. All were busy with other bands, but agreed to do Pinhead Gunpowder as a side project, which is what it's been ever since. It has the loose, informal feel of a side project too, just four friends who share the same taste in music, playing stuff they like together. The songs are simple, loud bursts of three-minute, three-chord pop-punk energy, refreshingly uncomplicated and always enjoyable.

The band released singles on Lookout! and other labels sporadically throughout the early '90s. In '95, Chino Horde's Jason White replaced Kersh on guitar. In 1996, the band released its first (and only) full-length album, Goodbye Ellston Avenue. Three years later came the band's Shoot Out the Moon EP on Adeline Records, featuring "Kathleen."

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