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Pilot To Gunner

Brooklyn's Pilot to Gunner's emotional, many-sided songs find secret access points to your subconscious, instantly working their way into your personal musical history. While Pilot to Gunner is clearly influenced by Jawbox's seminal post-punk and Polvo's chaotic layers of guitar, this band clearly has no interest in rehashing the music of bands that have come before them.

Their debut EP, Hit the Ground and Hum (metoo! records), is a strangely beautiful blend of jagged guitars and driving, complex melodies that feature singer Scott Padden's off-kilter, yelped, injured vocals. Their first full album, Games at High Speeds (Gern Blandsten Records), exceeded the promise of the band's first release, offering a thunderous collection of muscular but fragmented power rockers.

This isn't incredibly catchy rock music -- it's complex and sometimes a little bit difficult. Pilot to Gunner has a peculiar ability to remind its listeners of unhealed, long ignored wounds, making its music oddly and powerfully compelling.

"New Dictionaries" and "Wires" both come from that first EP, Hit the Ground and Hum. "We Got Games at High Speeds" and "Zero Return" come from the Games at High Speeds album.

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