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Pillowcase was basically just a case of a couple of young musicians -- guitar player Mike Headley and drummer/Jigsaw Records founder Chris McFarlane -- getting together one afternoon and turning on the four-track. Headley had some songs he wanted to record and asked McFarlane to play drums for him. They practiced for a few days, playing Lemonheads and Smudge songs and a few of Headley's own tunes, then one afternoon had a recording session. The result was five songs, clocking in at about nine minutes all together. The sound quality is predictably a bit muddy, but the songs are endearingly bouncy and giddy. It's just simple, direct, enjoyable lo-fi pop, sweet vocals submerged in an indistinct, forward-moving haze of bass, guitar, and drums. The EP is called Dine-n-Dash. It was an extremely limited edition release, just 50 cassettes. Pillowcase never recorded or played again, so this is all that's left of them.

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