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Pieter K

Los Angeles-based Pieter K is a producer of dark, complex tech-step. His first release for the Vortex label ("Stiration/Dromedary") caught the ears of the A&R heads at drum and bass labels across the States, most notably Breakbeat Science, F-111/Higher Education, and Thermal Recordings, all of whom have big plans for this up-and-coming talent.

New York-based drum and bass emporium-turned-label Breakbeat Science was the first to sign Pieter K. "Sequence," his first Breakbeat Science release, is reminiscent of Jason Mouse in its complexity and of Dune in its dance floor tenacity. Both "Spoonful" and "Liquification," also on Breakbeat Science, mark a shift towards simpler beat structures and a heavier emphasis on synth programming.

When not engaging in his (albeit dubious) activities with drum and bass crew Phunckateck and riding the mechanical bull at the Saddle Bar Ranch on Sunset Boulevard in L.A., Pieter K has also managed to release tracks on the sadly now defunct F-111 imprint and the very much alive Thermal. With so may releases in the pipeline, this young producer is a key figure in the growth of drum and bass in the U.S.

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