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Freakish jungle monkeys will dance around your bobbing head as you imbibe yourself on this once-was drum 'n' bass duo known as PFD. Though their cloberation has dissipated, the two brains behind PFD, Conner and Tanner, have allowed us to bring you tracks from their not-so-distant past.

With almost pornographic rhythmic sensibilities they bring you the evisceral sensory depravation of jungle/drum n' bass from their haunts in Canada. In their own words: "This one pushes the limit of what North America was getting fed back in the day (old obsolete UK records that distributors were unloading on us because the sound was still new & fresh to our ear) and ends up producing a classic. Low-fi, hardcore, & f*cked up beyond today's established jungle standards, still sounding fresh."

We couldn't have said it better. Download these free tracks and get an earfull of machine gun drums and mind breaking bass beats.

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