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Persephone's Bees

Like laughing gas, Persephone's Bees causes immediate giddiness. Start listening and you'll find yourself happily lost in an exotic, labyrinthine landscape where nothing is quite what it seems, but you won't mind at all because the sights, sounds, and colors are all so marvelously bright and pretty and charmingly peculiar. Utilizing a four-person setup that centers around singer Angelina Moysov's lilting, accented soprano and zany keyboard lines and guitarist Tom Ayres's psychedelic excursions, the Bees take familiar elements from the Beatles, French pop, Roxy Music, and New Wave, and make them all deliciously strange. Bassist Mike Farrell and drummer Paul Bertolino round out the foursome, providing a solid foundation of rollicking rock and roll rhythms.

The subtext of every Bees song is the band's appreciation for all things quirky and kooky and a sense of the tremendous amount of fun they're having playing together. You'll have fun too, and you won't be able to get enough. "Arsonist," "City of Love," "On the Other Side," "Photo Album," and "Rolling in the Grass" all come from the band's debut album City of Love. If you want to purchase Persephone's Bees' CD, e-mail them at