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People Under the Stairs

People Under The Stairs (no reference to the motion picture of the same name: honest) are in the same league as Ugly Duckling, Lootpack and Jurassic 5. Their music belongs to a bygone era: an era when the B-boy reigned. By day, People Under The Stairs (aka Thes One and Double K) scour the record shops in their local Los Angeles searching for dope beats, rare breaks, and funky samples. By night, they live the D.I.Y. spirit of underground hip hop, sampling the records, waxing lyrical, and laying everything down on a simple eight-track recorder. The results are astounding.

In '98, People Under The Stairs released The Next Step, an album which went on to receive worldwide critical acclaim and helped establish the duo as the leaders of the true school. Having an ear for the truly innovative, Chris Smith, head honcho at the Om Records H.Q. in San Francisco, wasted no time in negotiating a mutually beneficial contract that protected People Under The Stairs' unique style, while making their music available to a wider hip hop audience. Question In The Form Of An Answer is the result of this collaboration, a truly exceptional 22-track album that shines with originality, creativity, and lighthearted spontaneity. One listen to this album and you will be hooked for life. "Schooled in the Trade" is culled from the latest Mark Farina mix CD, Mushroom Jazz 3.