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Featuring members of Bratmobile and Comet Gain, the PeeChees pound out cheeky three-minute Kill Rock Stars-style punk rock songs. The rhythm-oriented guitar and bass playing is tight and tricky, complementing the frenetic drum work of Molly Neuman, who also sings sometimes. This driving sound works great with singer Christopher Appelgren's scratchy, nasal voice. The PeeChees' staccato style will have you nodding your head so fast your neck might not be able to take it, so be careful. The PeeChees actually sound like they could be the older but only very slightly wiser siblings of those accomplished brats in Tullycraft. Call it cuddlecore or bubblegum punk rock or whatever you want -- it's an infectious sound with tons of toothy attitude that just makes you feel like having a good time.

The PeeChees have two CD/LPs, a singles collection, and a seven-inch available on Kill Rock Stars as well as numerous releases available on other labels. The featured track, "2nd Grade," is from the Troubleman compilation, Taking a Chance on Chances.