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There is something monumental about P.E.E.'s songs. Intricate layers of guitars churn and rise above a storm of bass and drums, changing time signatures and directions more often than a weather vane in a tornado. But the sometimes relentless forces of sound are kept in check with precise tension: for every moment of torrential noise and explosive energy, there is another moment of sweet pop beauty and contemplative rest. The songs are also marked by the dynamic interplay between vocalists/guitarists Kelly Green and Jim Stanley. Her strong "pop" voice combines with his more "rock" voice while their guitars careen through the dense rhythms of bassist Tiber Scheer (Lowercase) and drummer Andee Connors (A Minor Forest, Lumen).

"Yell if I Miss Mortiis" and "Carmen's Theme" are from P.E.E.'s 1998 Absolutely Kosher release, The Roaring Mechanism. "Yell if I Miss Mortiis" is an example of P.E.E.'s gentler side, marked by flourishes of cello and violin in addition to the washes of guitar and drums. Even these more delicate songs are tinged with power, as the tender narrative and strings gives way to crashing drums and walls of guitar. "Carmen's Theme" is slightly more aggressive, highlighted by Stanley and Green's shared vocals. The rest of the tracks (all 17 of them!) are from P.E.E.'s debut album, Now, More Charm & More Tender. Originally released in 1996 on March Records when the band was known simply as pee, the album is now out of print. What precipitated the move from pee to P.E.E.? No one knows the real answer to this question, but certain members of the band have called the change a "potentially egregious error." The Roaring Mechanism was, sadly, P.E.E.'s last release. Listen and raise a toast to one of San Francisco's finest.