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Throw all preconceived notions out the window as you step into the sleazy, dissonant, oddly compelling world of Peaches. The Canadian musician, born Merrill Nisker, has really created a sound all of her own, with the help of her trusty Roland MC505 Groovebox (she calls it MC5 for short). The machine provides the beats and effects, all of which are rather minimal and are often menacing and abrasive, sometimes totally cheesy. Peaches' voice does the rest of the work, ranging from raw PJ Harvey-like punk angst to hard, sexually explicit almost Missy Elliot-style raps. All this makes for an eclectic sound, which features elements of rock and roll, hip hop, and electronic music, but definitely fails to qualify as any of the above.

Nisker adopted the Peaches guise in 2000 after struggling for years with other sounds under a variety of other monikers and quickly discovered that electro-spiked vulgarity was just her ticket. She started out with the vinyl-only Lovertits EP and a self-titled EP on Canada's Teenage USA label. Then in 2001 came her instantly classic debut album, The Teaches of Peaches on Germany's Kitty-Yo, which got punky dykes all over the world damp between the thighs and found favor with other fans of the dirtier and rowdier corner of the burgeoning nu-electro movement represented by the likes of Add N to (X), Le Tigre, and Chicks on Speed. Peaches's almost unimaginably bawdy live performances of album cuts like "Fuck the Pain Away," "Lovertits," and "Diddle My Skittle" just added to the legend and within two years, she'd become one of the biggest names in underground music.

So big in fact that in 2002, a serious bidding war broke out over her services in 2002. XL Recordings emerged victorious and late that year celebrated by reissuing the album with a special bonus disc featuring half a dozen new and rare slabs of raunch-electro, plus videos and more. By now, all discerning music fans should know that Peaches is the ultimate destination for all that is weird, rough, kinky, and decked out in pink hot pants.