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Paloma is the alias of a Frenchman named Laurent Vassi?re who has a predilections for both the perversely peculiar and the delicately tender. These tendencies appear in equal parts his whimsical little electro-pop compositions. If you listen casually, they sound like nice enough little songs, sedate and sweet, marked by sleepy male vocals and acoustic guitars. While that's a big part of the sound, if you listen a bit more carefully, you'll also detect its underlying oddness -- the extremely strange programmed rhythms, the odd synthetic noises, the unexpected instruments buried in the mix, the offbeat lyrics. It sounds like a bedroom recording project that started out on the straight and narrow before it got late and Vassi?re started to go a little nuts from too much of his own company and things got out of hand just a bit. It almost sounds like recordings Stephen Merritt might make in his bedroom after taking a lot of Quaaludes. Vassi?re has released one album as Paloma thus far, a six-song EP called Take Care of Me, featuring "Dolly Sisyphus," released in Europe by Madrid label Acuarela and distributed in the U.S. by Darla Records.