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The Oxes are a really twisted bunch of fellows from Baltimore. Onstage, they stand on really big black boxes while performing some alarmingly complex, off-base pieces of mostly instrumental, metal-inspired math rock. Their music springs a trap that ensnares you as firmly as a steel cage, leaving you shaking the bars and screaming to be let out while Oxes pulls off series after series of totally insane time changes and guitar riffs. What you really begin to realize after awhile, whether you're watching them live or listening to them on record, is that these cats are just a little bit off the deep end -- maybe more than a little bit. This wouldn't be a surprise if you already knew that the Oxes are also members of an entity known as the Baltimore Rowdy Collective, a group that lives and dies by the rules of "rowdyism," which basically means going around causing a big scene by being chaotic and talking really loud in monster-type voices. Right -- a little bit off the deep end. Regardless, these three guys can rock and that's what it's all about. Just don't expect to understand any conversation you might have with them.

2002's album Oxxxes (featuring "Half Half & Half") is their best recording so far. The vinyl features naughty drug- and sex-related artwork and the CD features pictures of people "protesting" the vinyl's art -- clever. Of course Arab on Radar didn't think Oxes were too clever in 2001, when Oxes released a 10-inch split record with Arab on Radar, which the latter had absolutely no knowledge...the Oxes were pretending to be Arab on Radar, crazy kids...

"I'm from Hell, Open a Windle" and "And Giraffe Natural Enemies" both come from Oxes' self-titled 2000 release on Monitor Records. "Undefeated" appears on a split CDEP with Big'n on Box Factory Records. Oxes also has a seven-inch on Reptilian Records.