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Omnia Vincent Amour is one aspect of the multi-talented tech-house auteur Holmes D. Ives, resident of Washington D.C. Ives began his career with classical piano training at the age of seven, which then led to experimentation with analog synthesizers and bass guitars. During this musical training, like many other artists, his ear became attuned to the rhythmic and melodic potential present in all things.

He has produced various flavors and timbres of progressive house, trance, and downtempo under such monikers as POD, Memnon, Aurora, and D-SIVA, but Ives has reserved the OVA alias for his most classic, timeless trance styles. Much like a classical musician, or a studied jazz composer,OVA has no interest in creating new and different forms and structures, but in refining and defining a "traditional," universally recognized sound. Ives' tracks have an anthemic, essential, almost purist quality to them. In pursuing a path that many have taken before him, OVA does not follow or copy them. He reveals that path's true direction.

Ives' remix credentials include versions for Moby, BT, and Ministry

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