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Organic Audio

Organic Audio is Andy Spence, better known to some of you for his work as half of the Freakniks. Organic Audio gives Spence the chance to be the one man band he has aspired to be since his childhood. Inspired by Brazilian batucada, root vegetables, Latin house, Balearic grooves, cocktails, Masters At Work, and exotic fruits, Organic Audio's Back To My Roots is the sound of one man letting his hair down, shaking his thing, and dragging everyone within earshot along for the ride.

Back To My Roots contains ten tracks of percussive dance floor mayhem, including the soon-to-be classic "Latin Oddstep" and our featured song, "Kumquat Shot." In a climate where every subgenre seems to have its own rulebook, Spence ignores them all in creating these ten individual, funky, intriguing slices of musical pie. A diverse and mature creation, Back To My Roots is guaranteed fresh, wholesome, and free of artificial additives. Just take a bite and see for yourself.

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