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Orange Cake Mix

In general, '80s nostalgia is getting totally out of control, primarily because of '80s enthusiasts' total failure to discriminate between what was good and what was intolerable about that decade. But Orange Cake Mix gets it right on, Another Orange World, creating a sweet, sensuous, strikingly unironic variation on the synth-pop music that swept the dance charts in the first half of the '80s. While songs like "Heaven is Rising" definitely bear the influence of bands such as New Order and Depeche Mode, Orange Cake Mix departs from its electronic ancestors of a decade and a half ago by introducing an element of sweetness and romance to its music throught the medium of singer Jim Rao's dreamy, mellifluous voice. If anything, Another Orange World recalls the really sexy songs from early '80s David Bowie records like Young Americans. Like Bowie in the early '80s, Jim Rao flirts with total corniness, but his ability to avoid getting swept away by it is exactly what makes his music so good. Orange Cake Mix will cast a spell over you that you won't want broken.

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