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Operator Burstup

Austria is a country known for its fine pastries, rich coffees and sumptuous chocolates; for its beautiful scenery, classical architecture, and ancient heritage. Many Europeans see it as the root, the essence, the original motherland of the German-speaking world. Austria is also known for the classical compositions of Mozart, Strauss, and Liszt (and more recently Falco).

What many people probably don't know is that Austria is also the land of fat-ass beats. Vienna stands in the extreme east of Austria as an outpost of hip hop and breakbeat culture, a dance Mecca where clubs are built into old, underground metro stations, and even the smallest venues boast booming, German-engineered soundsystems. This is the environment that has produced Operator Burstup, Austria's O.G. hip hop DJ, producer, and drum and bass scientist.

Operator (a Euro title roughly equivalent to "DJ" or "Selector") Burstup (a U.K. slang term for tagging) assembles fat jump-up tracks with the style and depth of a classical composer: subtle, seamless samples, thick, elastic multi-layered bass, and an unerring instinct for the party vibe. A perfect complement to coffee and Vienna fingers anytime.

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