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Born in Chicago's Eastside, Onis' start in music as a lyricist and producer stemmed from a lack of quality music in the industry. "I noticed that music was starting to shift around 2004 and it wasn't for the I picked up my pen." His mixtape "On the Contrary," has garnered rave reviews in the Chicago scene. 

Enjoyed by young and old hip-hoppers alike, it is quite clear that Onis has an "old school foundation" with a "new school notation." His rhymes are fresh enough to be enjoyed by the new generation, yet deep enough to capture those of us that remember the days when rap was truly and art form. Onis has his finger on the pulse of society, and can express it with a mature flair.

As a symbol of a positive turn in rap culture, Onis' next moves are anxiously awaited. "My ambition," says Onis, "is to provide a breath of fresh air to the city and the culture in general."

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