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In the last years of his now-defunct Sacramento hardcore band, Far, singer Jonah Matranga started doing something very different at home in his bedroom -- as you might guess, something quiet, inward-looking, and generally very singer-songwriterish. When FAR broke up following their second album, Water & Solutions, Matranga turned to the solo project fulltime, dubbing it Jonah's Onelinedrawing. Matranga describes Onelinedrawing as "Nick Drake meets Cheap Trick," but there's not much question he leans a lot more towards Drake and moody, introspective contemporary singer-songwriters like Elliott Smith with his largely acoustic lo-fi stuff. Not all the way -- there are definitely some warm, perky pop moments here -- but for the most part, Onelinedrawing sounds like a quality bedroom project.

"Better Than This" and "Aeroplanes" each come from Matranga's Sketchy EP #1, the first of two Sketchy EPs he released in 1999. In 2001, he released the Always New EP. Matranga is also now playing in a new rock band, New End Original.