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One Time Angels

The members of One Time Angels, don't want to mention their past accomplishments, preferring to let their music do the talking. But we'll provide their résumés for you here, just to give a sense of where these boys fit into the broader East Bay punk rock picture. Singer and guitarist Doug Sangalang previously put in time with the Screw 32 and Limp, lead guitarist Scotty Hay was a member of The Receivers and The Plus Ones, bassist Mickey Dunegan did low-end duties for Fury 66, and drummer Eric Alexander is a veteran of Saint James Infirmary. And Jesse Michaels, once the singer of Operation Ivy, collaborates on the song- and lyric-writing.

The music itself is muscular anthemic punk with a ton of pop hooks, satisfyingly rough-and-tumble tunes in the vein of old Jawbox and Jawbreaker. Guitars chug and squeal in classic, forceful emo-punk fashion, alongside thunderous drums, burly bass lines, and gravelly, sandpapery vocals that never lose sight of the melodies. It's hard to imagine someone not enjoying One Time Angels' tunefully passionate din.

The band recorded its debut LP, the 12-song Sound of a Restless City, in 2000 as a three-piece. The founding members recruited Hay to play on one song for their follow-up EP, Tricks and Dreams (2001), but the chemistry was so good, he wound up playing on the whole thing and becoming a permanent member.

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