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One Man Army

One Man Army first emerged in the late '90s and immediately distinguished itself from the legions of mediocre three-chord punk bands with their high-caliber, intelligent, working class style. Their music isn't really stylistically groundbreaking -- the band members have clearly grown up listening to The Clash and Stiff Little Fingers -- but it's extremely well-executed and extremely enjoyable. What's more, their songs feature some of the most intelligent -- even poetic -- lyrics you're ever going to hear in contemporary punk. Singer Jack Dalrymple delivers them in a raspy, vaguely Irish brogue, sounding a bit like an American Shane MacGowan, and plays the buzzing guitar parts. James Kotter plays bass and Brandon Pollack supplies the beats.

The group emerged in tandem with Billie Joe Armstrong's Adeline label, whose first release was One Man Army's 1998 debut, Dead End Stories, which includes "Another Dead End Story." OMA followed that with a 2000 Armstrong-produced effort, Last Word Spoken, where you can find "Another Night."

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