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Omni A.M.

DJ Marky Star hails from St. Louis, and brings his deep tech-house style to Omni A.M. after doing time in Mainstream and a really weird psychedelic rock band in Dallas in the early '90s. His influences range from DJ Garth and DJ Spun to Duran Duran and New Order.

New York City's Adam Collins adds a classic deep house flavor to Omni A.M. He was also in Mainstream with Marky, as well as Proteus, a three-piece all-improvised rock band. He brings equally diverse musical influences to the mix, including The Doors, Orb, and DJ Rasoul.

Together, these two produce deep, techy house in the tradition of the Chicago and London underground. The chunky beats, fluid polyrhythms, and warped samples are not too far removed from the house music produced by Mr. C, Herbert, or Derrick Carter. Their songs have a definite funky strain along with some sharper, more angular sounds, yet there is plenty of originality to spare.