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Oma Yang

Perhaps something about the constant San Diego sunlight makes musicians lose their voices. That might explain why so many musicians from that Southern California metropolis opt to forgo vocals and do strange and exotic things with their instruments instead -- as evidenced by the musical antics of groups like Tristeza, Physics, and now, Oma Yang.

The members of Oma Yang put their own spin on the post-rock paradigm by creating a heady mix of guitar- and drums-heavy loudness and keyboard-suffused softness. At times, Eastern-sounding interludes and jazz-fusion breakdowns creep into the fray, diversifying the music. All in all, it's a pleasing style -- warm and comfortable, but never facile or trite. The group's debut LP, From the Heart of Jumbo Malaria, came out on Slowdance Records in early 2000. It features "There Is No General Chow in Team." Oma Yang followed up with their 2002 album Bang Bang, which features the track "No Back Door to Heaven, Just a Front Door to Hell." On this effort, the group's sound got a bit heavier, taking more of a Chicago-influenced instrumental route into the territory of Don Caballero and June of 44.