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San Diego's Olivelawn didn?t last very long as a music-making (or was it mayhem-making?) machine, but they made a big noise and left a big mark in the world of SoCal punk rock. This band went way beyond creating mountains of sound -- they created mountain ranges with their relentless, muscular attack, driven relentlessly forward by the 12-cylinder rhythm section of drummer Eddie Glass (later to join the psychedelic power trio Nebula) and bassist Jonny Donhowe. Singer Mike Olson?s acidic, bitter lyrics and rough all-shouted-out delivery coupled with the slashing, unbridled ferocity of guitar man O (who later founded the three-man punk rock outfit Fluf) were an affront to civilized ears. Together these four recorded two full-lengths full of razor sharp edges, hairpin curves, white hot anger, and acrid black humor -- '91's Sap (on Nemesis Records) and '92's Sophomore Jinx! on Cargo. That second album contains the featured track, the dark, brutal ?Hate.?

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