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Nourallah Brothers

It's common knowledge that you don't have to worry about being cool around family, and that fact seems to have set the Nourallah Brothers free musically. Together, siblings Salim and Faris lovingly craft timeless folk-pop tunes so intimate and honest they might be awkward and embarrassing in the hands of musicians less comfortable with one another. A patina of nostalgia lies over nearly all the brothers' tunes, a longing for the innocence and purity of childhood and its little routines and rituals. At times, the style recalls the music of another brother duo, Ray and Dave Davies of The Kinks. At others, their sweet melodies sound like lost lullabies that have been tucked away in the dusty corners of consciousness for untold years.

The brothers' recording project came about after years of playing music with other bands (Salim is a member of The Happiness Factor and both play in Moon Festival), at a time when both were both dealing with rocky emotional issues. As a respite from other problems, the brothers turned a room in their home into a studio with instruments, a few mikes, and an eight-track, and started writing?and reminiscing. The process went on for several months, and when it was over, they had more than 50 recorded songs. 18 of those appear on their 2000 self-titled debut LP, on Western Vinyl.