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Notch is a very elusive three-headed alien being that inhabits a world of darkness. It is not the darkness of the Underworld or the Abyss. It is not the darkness of Hell. It is the darkness that exists in dance clubs and underground parties. It is a darkness somewhat perforated by flashes of Intellabeam and strobe, by the rays of a bright colored laser reflecting off a disco ball. It is a benign darkness accompanied by butterflies in the stomach and involuntary sensations of joy and community. It is a darkness often found in warehouses packed by throngs of bodies moving and sweating in unison, in time with Notch, just prior to 3 AM, somewhere in Northwestern Europe.

OK, so Notch is really just three Swedish computer professionals (operating under the pseudonyms GioNic, TiN, and Miguel). Notch makes the kind of trance and breakbeat tracks that DJs save for the heights of their sets, when the crowd is packing the dance floor and needs just a little push to break loose and tear the roof off. Beware two forthcoming 12-inches on Baltimore-based Activated Records by next year.

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