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Nortec Collective

Since '88, Ramon Amezcua has been making ambient electronic music under the Bostich banner. From his base in Tijuana, he has produced a couple of albums and contributed to a number of compilations on labels such as Opcion Sonica and Mil Records. In the spirit of creativity, Amezcua started experimenting with traditional Nortena sounds, sending them through his bank of electronic filters to create a modern equivalent. "Polaris," released in '99, was the first recognized Nortec record and has reached cult status in the clubs of Tijuana. The track's aggressive Banda Sinaloense beats, tough acidic synths, and abrasive filtered horns, the have inspired a generation of Nortec producers to step into the studio.

"Polaris" is featured on The Tijuana Sessions Vol. 1 alongside cuts from Fussible, Panoptica, Plankton Man, Terrestre, Clorafila, and Hiperboreal.

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