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Noriko Tujiko

Noriko Tujiko was born in Osaka, Japan in 1976. She began singing at the age of three, but she didn't get her first synthesizer and sampler until she was 20. She released her first record, Keshou to Heitai, in early 2001. Later that year, she met Peter Rehberg of the Mego label, and together they hatched plans for a second album.

2001 was a busy year for Tujiko; she was also the subject of a photo exhibit by musician Aki Onda, joined a group called SlideLab, launched the OK FRED magazine, and released her second full-length, Shojo Toshi. For an experimental record, Shojo Toshi is surprisingly simple and restrained. Tujiko resists the urge to overcomplicate each song with layer after layer of electronics. Instead, she mixes a few carefully selected elements with her own calm, collected voice.The featured track, "White Film," appears on both Shojo Toshi and Tigerbeat6, Inc, a double-CD with contributions from Cex, Blectum from Blechdom, Lesser, Medicine, Gamers In Exile, Twerk, Pimmon, Ted Sulkowicz, Kid606, Gold Chains, Languis, Daedelus, DAT Politics, Stars As Eyes, Mikael Stavostrand, Stilluppsteypa, and more.

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