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Nor Elle

When not creating floor-filling techno and house as Terry Lee Brown Jr. for Plastic City, Germany's Norman Feller spends his time molding mellow midnight music as Nor Elle for Mole Listening Pearls. His '98 debut album, Phantom Of Life, came out at a time when his TLBJ album, Chocolate Chords, was enjoying unanimous praise in the dance music press. So as not to confuse the buying public, Feller kept the project a secret. In '01, he put the press out of their misery with his follow-up, Slapstick, a fourteen-track drive into the lands of midtempo dub, dreamy Balearic downtempo, and atmospheric hip hop. Textured midtempo breaks, ominous keys, and thoroughly infectious vocal samples make "Key To The City" a standout track.

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