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No Knife

Veteran indie rock act No Knife was an integral part of the early and mid '90s San Diego scene that produced the likes of Drive Like Jehu, though sadly they have toiled in relative obscurity throughout their career. The quartet formed in '93 when singer/guitarist Mitch Wilson, bassist Brian Desjean, guitarist Aaron Mancini, and drummer Ike Zaremba recorded their debut full-length, Drunk on the Moon, which they released in '94 on Goldenrod Records. Despite tours with local favorites like Heavy Vegetable, the band had a hard time attracting a following. Over the next couple of years numerous changes ensued, including the departures of Mancini and Zaremba and the subsequent arrivals of new guitarist/singer Ryan Ferguson and new drummer Chris Prescott. The band also moved to a new home, Time Bomb Recordings, where they re-released their first album, before putting out two more: 1997's Hit Man Dreams and 1999's Fire in the City of Automatons. No Knife has also recorded numerous seven-inches and compilation songs, including the featured "Flechette," which can be found on Better Looking's Holiday Matinee compilation. Also featured is a great track from a split EP with Nine Days Wonder released by Dim Mak in 2001.