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N.ln is the electronic personality of San Francisco-based musician Nyles Lannon, who plays guitar in the rock band Film School and formerly played in The Azusa Plane, Reizoko, and Splendorbin (full disclosure: Nyles was also once a core member of the Epitonic project). His first album as N.ln, Astronomy for Children is a collection of gorgeous, emotionally resonant abstract sound sketches that once again disproves the cliché of electronic as machine music. Lannon is a longtime student of fusion and there's a little bit of deconstructed funk in the gentle breakbeats that lie beneath the fresh bubbling melodies and squelching electronics. N.ln's fondness for analog synths helps him shape a melancholy nostalgia that can be likened to Boards of Canada and other folksy electronic artists, but the seesawing drones and wordless voices running throughout give his music a focused intimacy all its own. Soulful and searching, N.ln is headphone electronic at its best.

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