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Nine Days Wonder

Nine Days Wonder are heavily influenced by the loud and thundering post-punk that swarms music in the United States. No doubt this sound is somewhat less prevalent in the group's hometown of Tokyo, Japan. The quartet cites such bands as Shotmaker, Unwound, and The Jesus Lizard as pivotal influences to their current sound, and it shows. But just as there's quite a bit of geographic distance between this band and their influences, musically lots has changed in the translation, making them quite enjoyable and unique.

On their debut album, Scenery Is In Disguise There, driving, layered, and melodic rock suddenly gives way to pounding wallops by the rhythm section and shrieking vocals. And then you might barely recognize the band if you're listening to their split CDEP with San Diego's No Knife. There, the group takes a more melodic and artistic approach with cleaner guitars and the addition of keyboards high in the mix which dictate much of the music's mood. The intricities are still important, but aggression has given way to more tuneful expression. Nine Days Wonder are a much different take on many interesting things happening mostly in the United States, and they're definitely worth a listen.