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New Wet Kojak

When Scott McCloud and Johnny Temple try to out-sex their band Girls Against Boys, you had better lock up your daughters...and your sons, just to be safe. New Wet Kojak strips away the layers of GVSB's rock buildup to create a medium-fi lounge-fest, with help from Shudder To Think's Geoff Turner, Charles Bennington, and Nathan Larson. The result is shady, seductive, hypnotic, and dangerously habit-forming.

"You Got Some Dog" is from the first, self-titled New Wet Kojak record released in 1995, which also features such suggestive song titles as "Stick Out Your Tongue," "Sexy Postcard," and "Freak Now." They released a second, equally saucy album, Nasty International, in 1997, and a long-delayed but no less sassy third, Do Things, in 2000. "Do Things" and "Sticky 2 Me" are both from that album. 2001 saw NWK grace the world with still more sexy beatnikism in the form of No. 4 EP, which features the track "Sophia Loren."