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New Terror Class

Right when many people were catching on to long-time basement touring machines Harriet the Spy, they broke up. Burnout struck just as their first chaotic full-length album entitled Unfuckwithable on Troubleman Unlimited finally got the band into a decent number of stores, into radio and reviews. The album was well-received, but Joel needed to quit touring for a good while. Meanwhile drummer Jamie Stillman was successfully leading his other band The Party of Helicopters, playing guitar with a vicious touring schedule and also releasing albums on Troubleman Unlimited.

Jamie, Tom, and Dave from Harriet The Spy still wanted to play in a band together so "New" Terror Class was created. Soon after the band's formation, Tom quit. Of course Joel was ready get involved now, so he joined "New" Terror Class on keyboards while an old friend Matt joined on bass. The new band had now had each member of Harriet They Spy in it, just at different times. Theough they never achieved the cohesion and commitment of their old group, "New" Terror Class still delivered the old group's heart-stopping guitar riffs and teetering structures along with more fun, cynicism, and sarcasm than ever. This list of song titles from their only album says quite a bit:

"Give Me Your E-Mail Address, I'll Send You Some Sick Shit"
"Nearly Named Bits of Chick Tits"
"I Believe It's On"
"With An Uzi And A 40oz"
"Maintain Your Dragon"
"Flying Fuck For All"
"Pussy Survivor"
"Hunks...Did You Call Me A Fag?"
"Routine Ecstacy"

"New" Terror Class was not a joke band, more like a smart-ass band. They took their brainy wit to a further extreme than most, then threw in some absurdity. Most people think as abstractly as they, but do not feel comfortable admitting it. Many of their songs actually have very poignant and personal messages such as feeling too old to struggle and make music or art anymore while parents complain that their kids are wasting their life instead of concentrating on their careers, and frat guys always trying to beat of the "weird looking" indie guys at bars. As you've undoubtedly guessed, "New" Terror Class broke up, after Dave moved from Kent, Ohio to Portland, Oregon soon after the release of the group's first and only album, entitled Did You Hear That We Fucked?