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What is a neutrino? Well, scientists tell us that 12 particles are at the basis of all matter, six quarks and six leptons. Among the six leptons are three "neutrinos." These are particles with a miniscule atomic mass (so miniscule that some have postulated that they have no mass, even though this would be a logical impossibility), which, because of their size, are virtually impossible to provide experimental proof of -- in short, they're the particle physicist's equivalent to a needle in a haystack. So what the hell does this have to do with Neutrino the band? Hey, I didn't name them. I just report the facts.

Well, let's assume for a moment that the band didn't pick the name arbitrarily, like, say, by closing their eyes, opening the dictionary, and pointing to a word. Why would they call themselves Neutrino? Well, like the subatomic particle, the band is definitely hard to pin down. The Chicago trio makes predominately instrumental rock dominated by dark strange chord progressions and minor keys. It's kind of dark, like Slint, and kind of bizarre and mathy, like Sweep The Leg Johnny, but it possesses a language all of its own which you need to hear in order to remotely understand.

The neutrino rarely interacts with other particles, and here we might draw another comparison in that Neutrino the band reached few ears during their brief existence. The group's members, who emerged from the ruins of Midwestern heavy rock bands Lustre King, Pencil, and Big'n, recorded only a couple of albums before diverging again to play in Emperor Penguin and Runner. The first was 1998's Improved Hearing through Amplification, and the second, 99's rather misleadingly titled Motion Picture Soundtrack, which featured "Back to the Map."