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Neon Phusion

Post-drum and bass London has much to thank Neon Phusion's three members for. After all, it is they who more or less invented the nascent (so-called) broken beat scene. Broken beat picks up the pieces of a floundering jungle movement and glues it together with Latin-American percussion, spiritual house vibes, and Afro-Cuban beat programming. Sounds nice eh? The band's three members are all expert soloists in their own right. Alex Phountzi is a well-respected drum and bass producer. Orin Walters produces West London jazz-house as Black 'n' Spanish and Afronaughts. Multi-instrumentalist Kaidi Tatham has had a hand in almost every act to emanate from London's West Side, including Bugz In The Attic, I.G. Culture, Likwid Biscuit, and Modaji. He also jams regularly with the likes of 4 Hero, LTJ Bukem, and The Herbaliser.

"The Future Ain't The Same As It Used 2B" is taken from the outstanding Quango compilation, Cosmic Funk. The release also showcases work from leading London producers Funky Lowlives, SK Radicals, New Sector Movements, and East Village Headz, as well as West Coast funksters Migs & Jelly (that be Miguel Migs of course).

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